Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh Hai...Part 2

The beat goes on...

And so does Larry. We were expecting the end to be imminent....the messenger was wrong. Completely. It is near though. I can't imagine what this is doing to his immediate family. Every blinking light and voicemail notification makes me cringe.

ETA: Ahhh well....much in peace Larry dear. You will most certainly be missed.

Here are a couple of bones since this name of this blog does have the word "knit" in it:

The socks that took all summer.....

These are the Lava Flow pattern from a former (reformed?) blogger called Sockbug. Her's was one of the first blogs I read. She posted lots of cute patterns. She no longer posts, but the patterns are still available. Maybe she is on Rav. I never checked.

I used my regular eye-of-partridge heel and made them taller. The yarn is Lorna's Laces in "bumble bee". I called it the Steelers colorway.

These are a Christmas present for a Steeler fanatic, with chilly toes.

Next up...the Cozy that will never end.

I have had the Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool for this ... for-evah! I finally got around to getting it done. (I badgered my LYS into getting it for me.) When Cozy was first published many posters commented that it was a nice relaxing knit. And that might be true. However, I may just not be in the mood for relaxing. That and I have ALL of two years of Loopy Ewe sock club yarn to get on with. Most of which will be turned into other things rather than socks. I need to go about 5 more inches to make it usable for me. If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you may recall that Isadora Duncan's scarves have nothing on mine. Good thing I don't ride in convertibles.

My only concern is "what to start?" when I'm done with Cozy? I need some easily transportable knitting. (I do have a father-in-law hat for Christmas to knit, but that's pretty easy. I'm hoping I can find suitable yarn in my stash for it.) Isn't there something pathological about worrying about what to knit next?

This is my stay at home knitting......

Kauni sweater in a damask pattern. That's probably about 4 inches there. You can see the color of the yellow beginning to shift to green. I think my gauge is a "tad" off. More like 5.5/inch rather than 6/inch, but meh. It doesn't worry me enough to rip. I think I'm knitting a little loosely so that it doesn't pucker. I should probably try and tighten it up some anyway. It is really hard to tell.

I should probably stop out at my LYS to see what they think. If I need to rip back, now would be the time. This is going to take too much time and effort to be a bust.

Here's a close up.

We shall see....

And you know I just can't keep from putting in my two cents.......I am beginning to find the absolute angst about Palin hysterical. What the hell? I'm beginning to think some of these people really do need therapy.

I'm with Dennis Miller who called Palin a "tough broad" and said it would be fun to see her elected just to watch all the leftists go crazy....To see if those who are threatening to decamp to Switzerland or Italy (yeah....with all the rioting, don't they read the papers?) really do. If they feel they must, I'm going to quote Chris Christie....

Now I must get ready to travel.....again.


Chrisknits said...

Have you noticed the hysteria over Bristol Palin still being on DWTS? I never watch the show, and only now watch clips online of her dances. What's funny is how they are up in arms because her fans are voting her on. Excuse me? isn't that half of the point of the show!!!

Love the sweater! Do be aware that .5" over a sweater's worth of stitches can turn into an ill fitting sweater. Anywhere from 3-4" bigger on an average sized sweater. For example: 200 sts divided by 6st/1" is 33.3" 200 divided by 5.5sts/1" is 36.3" Depends how much ease you really want. One way to avoid ripping is to go down a needle size over so many inches until you have the needle size that matches gauge. That way the change won't be so noticeable. Jane Slicer Smith uses this technique to make her swing coats that are fuller and then narrow as they are knit up.

Cindy in Happy Valley said...

Yep Chris, I figure it for 3.5 inches. However, I need to get a better eye to measure. It would mean that I have to go down to a #2 (Gads!!) needle. I've already gone down one needle size. Amazing!

Kaye said...

LOVE those socks! They hurt my eyes in a good way.

My fave has got to be the MN bi-polar man that shot his TV after watching DWTS and was enraged Bristol kept making the cut.

I personally can't stand Palin and Christie's my way or the highway tactics alienate a lot of people, myself included. She can't be that stupid though since here it is 2 years after the election and she's still a household name, not just a "remember that woman..."

Kaye said...

There should be a "that" between tactics and alienate. Too early for politics!