Monday, November 30, 2009

Sometimes it's good, sometimes not so much.

Thanksgiving is usually a pretty low key holiday around these here parts. It was this year too...for the most part.

We visited my in-laws. Including my 90 year old, 8 weeks post hip-replacement MIL. How's she doing? Well, if dragging her quad cane behind her, like a bad puppy is any indication, pretty damn well. Around the house, other than getting out of bed in the morning, she really doesn't need it at all. She will use convenient furniture to support her if necessary, but she cruises around pretty effortlessly, albeit slowly. She carries the cane out with her, but it almost seems like a security blanket. I, personally, wouldn't care if she carried Gandolf's staff, if it helped.

If any of you watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition on November 29th, you saw my sister-in-law's employer in action. They were the contractor that built the home. She did all the behind the scenes stuff with the producers. I don't know much about it because we were watching the Steelers lose yet again.

The holiday downside was the unwelcome news that a relative, to which my DH was particularly close - a year younger no less, has apparently (I say apparently because we don't have all the details yet) been diagnosed with a vicious cancer. If it is what we've been told, the outlook is grim. It is particularly heartbreaking.


Mag said...

I love your MIL and I've never even met her. :-)

Cancer, ugh. I feel for the person who has to go through that. My DH lost a dear friend to a prolonged bout. It was awful. Nothing better to be said about it than that.

Chrisknits said...

Just keep the faith and pray that it will turn out not to be what you think. I have a friend who had a grim prognosis on her Stage 3 lung cancer and she is still here today. Miracles can happen.

kemtee said...

Cancer sucks. That's all there is to it. I hope it's not as bad as is thought.

Your MIL, however, could probably use that cane to beat it out of your other relative.