Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All's well that ends well, eh?

Not so fast sister.....

As we continue our saga (I had to take a time out for proposal evaluations and re-evaluation, and re-evaluations....etc. work re-entry is a bitch)you may remember that hubby and I decided to extend our vaca one extra day because we rolled craps on the weather. It was supposed to be a hiking vacation, and we had not done one step of actual trail hiking in in 6 full days. Fortunately, we usually schedule an extra day of vacation after our planned trip, and we used that to stay over.

We did finally get to walk in the woods. was lovely.

This is Jones Mill Run. As I said in a previous post, PA woods are lousy with these little runs.

Here's a little artsey fartsey shot of the run. Because of the six days of unrelenting rain, there was no shortage of water.

The difference with this particular run is that this is what you see at the head. Yup, it's that pretty.

Here's Dan'l Boone on the rocks next to the dam.

Anyway, the next day we headed back to reality. What's the one thing you don't want to hear when you walk in the door? Let me tell's hubby going into the half bath off the kitchen and saying "Uh oh!". Trust me, you don't want to hear "Uh oh" about anything after you've been gone over a week. (Last year the "uh oh" was because his car battery was dead and parked closest to the back door, and we had to unload the car from many more yards away.)

In this case, the "uh oh" referred to the fact that he was standing in stockinged feet on a wet bathmat. When I looked in the door he was staring up at the ceiling, which was marked with brown water marks and water droplets. Good gravy, what now!???

Apparently, something was leaking in our upstairs bath, though we couldn't find it, and had run down, into the walls, and out the exhaust vent (for the most part). Turns out, a washer blew, on the water line under the upstairs sink, and we had a pretty good drip going on. The good news was that it had probably just happened in the prior day or so. The bad news is that we still have to repaint the downstairs that it has had a week to dry. The fun just never ends.

I leave you with a photo of Ishbel (I wish I knew the origin of that name.) I finally finished it...still with the tinking. I do love it though, and am considering wearing it in Denver, where I'll have to travel (under duress) next week. Only I would get sent to Denver where they are currently getting FEET of snow. Why couldn't the damn conference be in Tampa? Or New Orleans? Or Charlotte? Sheesh!!

Ishbel (blocking).
1 skein Handmaiden Cashbah (some left over)no colorway on ball band - Loopy Ewe Sock Club skein.

#6 circular needles (48 inches)

Wingspan 48", depth 19"

There is also a shawl size. I'm going to wear this like a scarf. (Doesn't point to my worst ass(et) that way.

I would definite knit this again, and am thinking about taking version #2 as my plane knitting.


kemtee said...

Dan'l looks content to be there.

Sorry about the drip. It's not a lot of consolation to know that it could have been far, far worse.

I like your Ishbel a lot. I may play copycat soon, if I can ever get one of these @#$% projects off the needles.

Chrisknits said...

I just got a skein of Miss Babb's yarn and it will now become an Ishbel. Forget that I haven't even finished MY Ishbel, which I altered to have the pattern over the major portion of the shawl. Still have no idea what kind of edging I will change to!

Your's is beautiful!

Bezzie said...

Eh, the snow will be gone by the time you get there. I hated that about Colorado. And it wasn't nearly as "rocky" as John Denver would have you believe.

Beautiful falls and beautiful Ishbel. It looks so big in the pictures--but I guess 48" isn't too huge.