Thursday, July 02, 2009

My knitting is surrounded by water.....

.... meaning I have islands of seemingly unending knitting with no rescue in sight.

I'm on the second sock of my mom's Very Vanilla pair (originally intended for Mother's Day, but now targeted for her birthday in August). I'm halfway down the foot, and I'm just not getting any love from it, so it's going very slowly. I'm envious of the knitters who one day are at the gusset and the next at the toe. Don't these people work? I mean really? Don't they have to shovel out their homes once in a while? Empty the fuzzy continers from the refrigerator? Well, never mind...... just sayin'.

There is my Oceania cardigan. It went like gangbusters while the hockey playoffs were on. Great knitting for when your attention is elsewhere..... (aside: how about that Marion Hossa! Twelve year contact with the Blackhawks!) However, I am on the second front side, and I seem to have picked up the habit of dropping stitches. Terribly hard to see in boucle yarn. I've dropped stitches, at least three times, in the past week. Sheesh! This is not a complex knit people!!

And finally, I'm not a joiner....not really. You may remember though, that I "accidentally" joined the Loopy Ewe sock club, and am now making a collection of sock yarn, that will remain as stash (which Sheri says doesn't count as stash) until my deeply depressed sock mojo (thanks, Vanilla sock) returns. But this probably won't happen until after I finish Girasole. Yes, I joined the Loopy Ewe KAL for Girasole and gosh it's a great knit. It is actually the only thing I feel like working on. I should have refrained, but I got Dream in Color Starry to work it in, and it speaks to the hidden exotic dancer in my soul. It is working up a little stiff, I think, but I'm guessing a good soak and blocking will take care of that.

Then there is my Wrap Me Up monthly knitting group ...I've slowed my pace so as not to make my fellow knitting group members want to throw me out. Actually, I'm the cautionary tale of the group. I make all the mistakes first. So I suppose I serve a purpose. Also it is Noro Kureyon, and it is a pretty heavy wrap at this point. Not exactly a summer knit. However, it is zipping right along. I'm about one block ahead at this point. I'm kind of comfortable with that.

As I look through all these projects I'm feeling very guilty that my beading is just languishing. There is a pearl bracelet that I've wanted to work for about a year, and several pieces, including sun glass leashes that need repair. But knitting boucle, and dropping stitches seems to take priority.

I'm hoping to take some WIP shots this weekend. I'm also hoping I can get DH to hold up the Wrap Me Up shawl so I can get a good shot. It is big enough that it doesn't lend itself to draping.

Finally, Happy 62nd 63rd (I stand corrected!) Anniversary (yes, that's sixty two three years!) to two people in my life that I dearly love and admire. I don't know how you've done it, but you're an inspiration. No kidding!!

Happy Anniversary Guys!

ETA: I was asked in the comments if these were my parents, but no, they are my in-laws. And as I've said in other venues...I won the in-law lottery, no kidding. I did pretty well in the parent category too, but my mom was widowed almost 9 years ago.

ETA2: They have got to be kidding! I am just stunned by this circus.


Bezzie said...

AW, are those you're 'rents?

And no, I think those fast knitters probably don't work. Or they have armies of monkeys knitting for them while they sleep. Seriously.

kemtee said...

63 years. Yee gourds. I don't know if I'll be able to tolerate MYSELF for that long, let alone a mate. Congratulations!

I feel the pain. The shawl is in "danger, will robinson" mode (can't pick it up w/o effing it up), the hoodie has been totally ripped out, and the summer shell just sits there, staring at me accusingly.

I hate fast sock knitters. Considering that my average pair is worked up over three months or so, I feel like a major underachiever. Who still has dirty laundry overflowing the basket.