Wednesday, March 04, 2009

And here's Ribby!

And a bad photo no less. Does it look too big? Can you tell? I know I look like the wreck of the Hespers, but cut me a break. I'm just back from spinning class...yes, spinning. One of the few exercise classes that fulfill my requirements - efficient and intense. The only dawdling around I like to do when it comes to exercise is yoga. Otherwise, I need quick and done. I'm lazy with the attention span of a flea when it comes to exercise. Also I made a strategic error in allowing the camera to focus for me, and then stepping back. Confused it. But anyway, see how it doesn't "nip" in at the waist at all. I think it should. I DO have a waist.

Here is a side photo and you can see that it sways out in back. Right? Yes, I'm pulling it slightly, but just so you can see the "roominess". Anyway, this is a seamed garment, that I knit in the round (yes, decreasing the edge stitching etc.) However, I think I just knit the wrong size. So my LYS owner is a whiz with scissors, and she will help me cut and seam if I decide to. In effect, steek where there was not meant to be a steek.

I need opinions, what say you? I'll try to retake the photos tonight and do a better job. Also I was getting the "change my batteries idiot" sign, so the flash might have been wacky. I do not make any guarantees about the model's clothing or hair style.


kemtee said...

You look fine.

I like the colors you chose. The arms seem to fit well. But yes, (I started with a preposition and I'm glad) it is too big. Roomy, yes; comfy, I'm sure, but you can carry off a more fitted style. If your LYS will help you adjust it, I say take her up on it.

Because let's face it -- you put a lot of work into that, and if you're not comfortable wearing it then it's all for naught.

Chrisknits said...

I am afraid I have to vote for ripping it out and reknitting it if you are determined to work it. I just can't see where you can steek and reduce the too large size without it being apparent. Alterations at just the side seams will not alter the extra fabric in the bodice. I apologize for not knowing how busty you are, but unless you are extremely oversized in the chest compared to your waist, it is going to be too great a difference between the underarms to the waist area.

Am I making sense?

Mag said...

You look beauteous, but the sweater is a goodie (perfect color choice) that could use a little seaming to get some zero ease action on your waist and hippal area. If you've got the expert help, I'd go for the scissors. Otherwise, like Chris above said it will have to be ripped and redone.