Monday, October 27, 2008

Blog blah.....

So much has happened since I last blogged. My dear old Mac, which I had been nursing along, kicked the proverbial bucket. Here's a confession, I don't "own" a computer. I've always worked in an environment where I had more technology than I knew what to do with. I had to move to a new position about two years ago, and they are not Mac friendly. In fact, they are so untechnology savvy that we may as well all be entering sales for Lands' End. Everybody has to use the same thing. I could go on about this, but I've spent enough personal time agonizing so I won't waste any more. Just let it be said that the entire philosophy rubs my systems analysis side raw.

I have been very slow in finishing knitting. I do however, have the scarf I blogged about some time ago. It was the gift for my cousin.

This is a moebius in the chevron pattern.

1 skein of Apple Laine in Bubble gum. I added some clear beads just for giggles (and because I have a million beads)and feel guilty because I'm not using them.

This is a tag, that I use when I make and gift jewelry. I designed the logo, and had it printed.

Both of these photos are too red, and the label looks pink. If I wasn't so lazy I'd make it look white, like it's supposed to.

The Short Version

I semi-recovered from my cold, but the cough hung on again. The doc thinks it is more likely allergies, since it happened at the same time of year, again. The treatment is the same regardless.

I am at the point in life when one's hormones get wacky. I now have absolutely no ability to regulate my body temperature. One moment I'm cold, the next I can't get my clothing off fast enough. It is going to wreck hell with all the wool I have in my wardrobe. I also can't sleep through the night anymore. As a result, I'm a very pleasant person to be around (hah!), and I don't need extra luggage when we travel. I just have to pack the bags under my eyes.

We spent about 10 days on vacation. I still didn't sleep, but, not sleeping was much more pleasant. This was the view off the back deck.

This was looking west, and on clear days you could see a beautiful mountain range.

This was taken on a hike at a nearby state park.

There are these hidden gems all over the state. Oh, yeah, that's Daniel Boone.

Not long after this was taken, I made the strategic error of following ol' Daniel up a ridge just to the left in that photo. It was getting dark, and my vision is not good at dusk, so the blazes were not visible to me so I just followed along. We made it to a flat, well marked ridge trail and began to walk out of the forest. That is until Daniel decided he knew a short-cut. By this time it was quite dark, and the short-cut, took us along a sketchy trail near a run (a small body of running water, we're lousy with "runs" in this state). When we finally saw the park road, even Daniel was reduced to using my headlamp to navigate. As we picked our way out of the woods, a park ranger pulled over, and waited. I figured he was going to read us the riot act for not being out of the park because it was well past sundown. Well, instead he asked what we were "hunting". Huh? Other than hunting for a short-cut, we don't hunt. I think he thought our hiking poles were weapons, and that we might have been hunting along the "no hunt" line where deer hide. Apparently, the deer know exactly where the no hunting line is drawn. What we didn't know is that it is musket and bow hunting season. (Actual shotgun deer season doesn't start until late November.) Anyway, he was a really nice fellow and we chatted with him for about 15 minutes and he never mentioned that we were tardy.

I am so fed up with this election crap, I just don't know what to say. Here are just a few "gems".

For a green guy, Obama's crap fliers are outnumbering McCain's 8 to 1. And they are ALL addressed to me. I've save them all. I'm going to cut my address off and give them back to the dopes handing out MORE paper at the polls, advising them to recycle.

I JUST figured out that I have to work on election day night. Yup - from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. So I have to go to the polls sometime during the day. Who knows how long that will take. I should have filed an absentee ballot, but I never thought about it. Am I just an idiot or what?

I wasn't going to vote for either of these people, but I just cannot put my defacto agreement on income redistribution. Just can't. And those that think they're going to get a tax cut...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Or socialized medicine.....HAHAHAHAHAHA!! We have a bizillion dollar bailout to fund now. Time to connect with reality folks.

More to come. Not fast, I'm using Vista, and yes, it is as crappy as all the Apple commercials say.

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kemtee said...

Yeah, I don't think either one of them are worth wasting a lunch hour in line for, but whaddya gonna do? Just once before I pull that last voting lever, I want it to be for someone or something I can truly believe in.

I know. I'm a dreamer.

Nice scarf. I do like the colors in that Apple Laine.