Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and....well more Good ....

This past weekend we were supposed to be doing some fun stuff, but first we had to get there. Naturally, it snowed (and snowed and snowed) on Friday, and that made the traveling we were supposed to do on Saturday a risky proposition.

So I switched our season Saturday night tickets and we ended up doing this on Sunday afternoon. It was fabulous. Etta Cox has some set of pipes on her!

Unfortunately on the way back to the hotel to change here's the bad.....

Sigh. Rear ended at a stop sign on an on ramp to the Ft. Pitt Bridge. Yunz in the 'Burgh know exactly where I'm talking about.

Then..."it was a hockey night in Pittsburgh"! (With apologies to Mike Lange.)

And wow was that fun! It was my very first hockey game. The boys (two thirds of the team are under 23 and a handful, the best players, are under 21, I'm not kidding when I say boys) won! And we saw an overtime and a shootout.

Not the final score, but dandy anyway.

And Rich was impressed too! He's just very intense when it comes to sports.

You can't say we're not eclectic!

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