Friday, December 01, 2006

It can't be December already!!

This morning when I woke up the nightlight we keep in the hallway was off, and the room was pitch, pitch black. I just couldn't believe that it was that dark and my alarm was really going off. How do people near the Arctic Circle do it? I just cannot wait until the soltice when the days start getting lighter again. Even moments matter.

Meanwhile the miserable storms that have plagued the mid-west are barreling toward us. But you can hardly tell. We have miserably high winds, but so far, only one downpour and now the line of storms looks like it passed us and the sun is actually out at the moment and it is still in the 60's. What's up with this? Of course, tomorrow, when we don't get out of the thirties, I'll be griping about it. No doubt.

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