Monday, July 10, 2006

Fallen off the face ......

.....of the earth. That's what it feels like, but now, all of a sudden I can come up for air.

I changed jobs June 1, and the remainder of April and the majority of May I spent packing and sorting through 15 years of files. My new position is very much similar to my old, so I have the opportunity to use much of my prior work in my new office. That is a double edged sword. It means that one can haul an awful lot of junk along with them. My old office is also collapsing so I had to opportunity bring a lot of stuff, office furniture and the like with me.

When I arrived I had two days to unpack then had to plan for a course to be taught beginning th 4th day I was in the office. I could barely catch my breath.

Through it all I kept creating, though I can't share it because I do not have acces to a digital camera in this office. I'm hoping that I can get my camera phone working and connected to my laptop.

My FOs include:

A knitted sterling wire necklace and bracelet. Another bracelet in progress.
A bead knitted cuff bracelet.
A flamingo. (Yes a bright pink felted, stuffed, flamingo.)
A tendrils (Knitty) still in progress.

I'm beginning work on some Christmas gifts. The flamingo was slated to be a Christmas gift, but he is just too damn cute for words. So he's going to have to stay with me.

I've cast on for some Christmas socks in a pattern from Nancy Bush's Vintage Sock book, and just ordered lovely yarn for two scarves.

Meanwhile I settle into my new position, and try to enjoy the summer which seems to be slipping through my hands like sand at the beach.

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